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We invite you to support the ASI Southwestern Union chapter through your tax deductible donations.

Donation Opportunities

Spring Convention

Each year the Southwestern Union chapter holds a Convention bringing members together for revival, fellowship, networking and to collectively support eligible ministry projects: If you would like to donate toward convention costs you may make your contributions here.

Jumpstart Free Health Clinic

The Jumpstart Free Health Clinic is a program of the Southwestern Union Chapter which seeks to touch the lives of communities through medical evangelism. If you would like to donate towards our upcoming clinics donate here.

  • Amarillo, Texas – September, 2019

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico – October, 2019

  • Hope, Arkansas – April, 2019

Wellness Secrets Worthy Guest Fund

Wellness Secrets, one of ASI’s newest members, is a lifestyle and health education center that empowers people to take charge of their health by implementing God’s principles for healthful living. The center’s multifaceted program includes reaching the local community (including Spanish-speaking residents) of Decatur, Arkansas, through health education classes, smoking cessation classes, medical missionary training, a health food store, and cooking schools, as well as traveling around the Southwestern Union and the country to conduct health education programs. Wellness Secrets also runs a five-day lifestyle program in which guests receive massage and hydrotherapy treatments, participate in a therapeutic exercise program, one-on-one nurse consultations, healthful cooking hands-on demonstrations, and lifestyle education classes. Wellness Secrets seeks to minister to the whole person—physically as well as mentally and spiritually. Guests of the lifestyle center start and end the day with positive, uplifting devotions that are geared toward knowing God, the Great Physician, better. “While the main goal of our program is health education, the primary focus of all that we do is to present Christ,” says Ann Marie Scott, R.N., who wears several hats at Wellness Secrets. A pressing need at the lifestyle center is funding for its worthy guest fund, which helps lifestyle guests who cannot afford the expense of attending the weeklong program. Your gift today will help Wellness Secrets to continue its Christ-centered ministry of compassion.

General Operations

You may donate toward ongoing chapter operations, including membership support and literature distribution here.